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70                         COMMERCE.
ters a piece, on which a value is fixed : as suppose sixpences are pooled, the counters then may be rated at Id. or 1.5d, each, so as to leave a sum for the player who gains the final sweep. After deter­mining the deal, three cards, by one at a time, beginning on the left hand, are given to every player, and as many turned up on the board. The game is gained, as at the other, by pairs royal, sequences, or points, and should the three cards turned up be such as the dealer approves of, he may, previous to looking at the hand dealt to himself, take them up in lieu of his own; but then he must abide by the same, and cannot after­wards exchange any during that deal. All the players, beginning with the eldest hand, may in rotation change any card or cards in their pos­session for such as lie turned up on- the table, striving thereby to make pairs-royal, sequences, or flushes, and so on round again and again, till all have refused to change, or are satisfied; but no person once standing can change again during the deal. Finally, the hands are all shown, and the possessor of the highest pair-royal, &c, or the eldest hand, if there should be more than one of the same value, takes the sum agreed upon out of the pool, and the person having the worst hand, resigns a fish or counter, which is called going up. The player, whose three are first gone in this manner, has the liberty of purchasing one more, called buying a horse, for a sum agreed, which is usually one-third of the original stake, to be put into the pool. The game thus goes on, the lowest hand resigning a fish, till all have re­signed except one, who, continuing the longest on the board, thereby, gains the pool or final sweep.
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