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( 71 )
This game may be played by either three or four persons; if the former number, ten cards are to be given to each ; but if the latter, then only eight a piece, which are dealt and bear the same import as at Whist, except that diamonds are always trumps here.
The connexions are formed as follows:
1st. By the two black aces.
2d. The ace of spades and king of hearts.
3d. The ace of clubs and king of hearts.
For the first connexion 2s. are drawn from the pool ; for the second Is., and for the third, and by the winner of the majority in tricks, 6d. each.
These sums are supposing guineas staked, but when only silver is pooled, then pence are drawn.
A trump played in any round where there is a connexion wins the trick, otherwise it is gained by the player of the first card of connexion, and after a connexion any folio wing player may trump without incurring a revoke, and also whatever suit may be led, the person holding a card of connexion is at liberty to play it; but the others must, if possible, follow suit, unless one of them can answer the connexion, which should be done in preference.
No money can be drawn till the hands are finished, when the possessors of the connexions are to take according to precedence, those who have the majority of tricks taking last.
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