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titled to deal again ; the advantage of which is merely his being exempted from losing when he draws a similar card to his own immediately after he has turned up one for himself.
This game is often played more simply without the rejouissance card, giving every person round the table a card to put money upon. Sometimes it is played by dealing only two cards, one for the dealer, and another for the company.
Loo or Lue, subdivided into limited and un­limited Loo, a game, the complete knowledge of which can be easily acquired, is played with five or three cards, though most commonly with five, dealt from a whole pack, either first three and then twro, or by one at a time. Several persons may play together, but the greatest number can be admitted when with three cards only.
After five cards have been given to each player, another is turned up for trump ; the knave of clubs generally, or sometimes the knave of the trump suit, as agreed upon, is the highest card, and styled Pam ; the ace of trumps is next in value, and the rest in succession, as at w7hist. Each player has the liberty of changing for others from the pack all or any of the five cards dealt, or of throwing up the hand in order to es­cape being looed. Those who play their cards either with or without changing, and do not gain a trick, are looed ; as likewise is the case with all wrho have stood the game, if a flush occur, which obliges each, except a player holding Pam, or an inferior flush, to deposit a stake, to be divided
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