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LOTO.                               75
be purchased, ready printed, and any book-binder can easily make a new, or repair the old pack.
1.  Every player should draw two cards, and deposit a stake previously agreed upon; and if the party be not too numerous, four or six cards may be drawn, laying down a double or treble stake accordingly ; when the players are more than twelve, some are only to have one card, pay­ing half a stake ; and likewise should the players not take all the cards among them, the remainder of the pack is to be laid aside till some other persons join the set. From the cards not taken, players may exchange one or more of those drawn, or they may change with one another; similar exchanges, if the company consent, may also be made previous to each drawing, and like­wise, prior to replenishing the pool, cards may be thrown up, or additional ones drawn from those put by ; stakes being paid proportionably.
2.  The stakes are to be put together in a pool, placed on the middle of the table, and also on the table a quantity of counters sufficient for the number of cards taken; upon the counters a value is to be fixed adequate to the stakes first deposited, from the whole of which a sum must be reserved enough to pay, at the conclusion of the game, all the counters laid upon the table.
3.  After counting the 90 knobs, so as to be certain they are right, the eldest hand shall then first shake them well together in the bag, and afterwards draw out ten successively, not only declaring the number of each as drawn, but also placing the same conspicuously on the board.
4.  As soon as the number is declared, each player having the same on one or more cards, is
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