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LOTO.                                    77
when no more counters are left on the table, and the players are then beginning with the eldest hand to be paid out of the pool as far as the money will go ; and when that is expended, the others remain unpaid, which is styled a bank­ruptcy ; next the players are to reunite the coun­ters with those that were on their cards, and receive payment for them out of the fund reserved at the commencement of the game.
10.  There are also cards of a new combination, which may be played by 6=12=18=or 24, ob­serving that when six cards only are taken, only one counter is given; if 12, two; if 18, three; and when 24, four counters; and also when but six cards are taken, they must be either from 1 to 6—7 to 12—13 to 18—or-19 to 24 ; if 12 cards, from 1 to 12—or 13 to 24 ; for 18 cards, from 1 to 18 ; and when 24, the whole number.
11.  The counters may refer for the payment to the amount of the stakes deposited in the stock.
For 24 cards......... 144 times 10.
18................. 108 ...... 10.
12................. 72 ...... 10.
6................. 36 ...... 10.
There are other methods of playing at Loto, but the above is the way most approved.
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