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Lottery may be played by a large company with two complete packs of cards, one for the prizes, the other for the tickets, and dealt by any two of the party that may choose, for the deal is neither advantageous nor otherwise. Each player pools a fixed sum, or takes a certain number of counters, on which a settled value is put, and which are placed in a box or pool as a fund for the lottery; then, after the cards have been shuf­fled, and are cut by the left-hand neighbour, one dealer gives to every player a card, faced down­wards, for the lots or prizes, on which are to be placed different numbers of counters from the pool, at the option of the person to whom such card has been given ; afterwards the second dealer distributes from the other pack a card to each player, for the tickets ; next the lots are turned by one of the managers, and whosoever possesses a corresponding card receives the stake placed thereon, and those remaining undrawn are added to the fund in the pool. The dealers then collect the cards and proceed as before, till the fund is exhausted, when the party pool again, and those who have gained more counters than they want, receive the difference in money.
Another method is, to take at random three cards out of one of the packs, and place them face downwards, on a board or in a bowl on the table for the prizes ; then every player purchases from the other pack any number of cards for tickets as may be most agreeable, paying a fixed sum or certain quantity of counters for each, which sums or counters are put in different proportions on
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