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and another turned up for trump, which belongs to the dealer, who has the privilege of selling it to the highest bidder, unless it be an ace, which gives him the pool at once. The cards are not to be looked at, except in this manner :—the eldest hands shows the uppermost of his three cards, which, if a superior trump to the dealer's, the company may speculate on by bidding for it as before. When this is settled, he who sits next to the purchaser is considered as eldest hand, and shows the uppermost of his cards ; but if the first card shown should not prove a superior trump, then the next in order to the first player shows the uppermost of his cards, and so the showing goes on, the company speculating as they please, till all the cards are discovered, when the posses­sor of the highest trump wins the pool.
N.B. The holder of the trump, whether by purchase or otherwise, is exempted from showing his cards in rotation, keeping them concealed till all the rest have been turned up.
To play this game well, little more is requisite than recollecting what superior cards of the trump suit appeared in the preceding deals, and calcu­lating thereby the probability of the trump offered for sale, proving the highest in the deal then un­determined.
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