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This game, which requires great care and at­tention, is played by four persons, who cut for partners ; those who cut the two highest cards are partners against the two lowest, and the person who cuts the lowest card is entitled to the deal. In cutting, the ace is accounted the lowest.
Though it is customary for only the elder hand, and afterwards the dealer, to shuffle the cards, yet each player has a right so to do before the deal, but the elder hand ought to shuffle last, except the dealer.
The pack is afterwards cut by the right-hand adversary, and the dealer is to distribute the cards, alternately, one at a time, to each of the players, beginning with the left-hand adversary, till the last card, which must be turned up, being the trump, and left on the table till the first trick is played.
No one, before his partner plays, should inti­mate, that he has or has not won the trick ; even the attempt to take up a trick, though won before the last partner has played, is deemed very im­proper. No intimations of any kind during the
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