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play of the cards between partners are to be ad­mitted. The mistake of one party is the game of the adversary. However, there is one exception to this rule, in case of a revoke : if a person happen not to follow suit, or to a trump a suit, the partner is permitted to inquire, wrhether he is sure he has none of that suit in his hand. This indulgence must have arisen from the severe penalties an­nexed to revoking, which affect the parties equally. The person on the dealer's left hand is called the elder hand, and plays first; and whoever wins the trick becomes the elder hand, and plays again : and so on till allthe cards are played out. The tricks belonging to each party should be turned and col­lected by the respective partners of whoever wins the first trick in that hand. Each trick above six is reckoned one point towards the game. The ace, king, queen, and knave of trumps are called ho­nours ; and when either of the parties has in his own hand, or between himself and his partner, three honours, they count twro points towards the game ; and if they should have the four honours, they count four points. Ten points make the game.
1.  Always lead from your strong suit, and be cautious of changing suits.
2.  Lead through an honour when you have a good hand.
3.  Lead through the strong suit, and up to the wreak, except in trumps, unless strong in them.
4.  Lead a trump, if you have four or five, and a good hand besides.
5.  Sequences are eligible leads, of which play the highest card.
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