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trump out. What is meant by strength in trumps, is, one honour and three trumps.
9.  Should you be nine of the game, and very strong in trumps, if your partner have a chance of trumping any of your adversary's suits; do not trump out, but give him an opportunity of trumping those suits. If your game be scored only 1, 2, or 3, you must play the reverse, and also in 5, 6, or 7; because in these two cases, you play for more than one point.
10.  If being last player you find, that the third hand cannot put on a good card to his partner's lead, admitting you have no good game of your own to play, return the lead upon the adversary; which gives your partner the tenace in that suit, and often obliges the adversary to change suits, and consequently gives the tenace in that new suit also.
11.  If you have ace, king, and four small trumps, begin with a small one; because it is an equal wrager that your partner has a better trump than the last player: in which case, you have three rounds of trumps ; and you cannot otherwise fetch out all.
12.  If ace, king, knave, and three small trumps, begin with the king, and then play the ace, ex­cept one of the adversaries should refuse trumps, because the odds are in your favour, that the queen falls.
13.  If either king, queen, and four small trumps, or queen, knave, and four small trumps, begin with a small one, because the odds are on your side, that your partner has an honour.
14.  If king, queen, ten, and three small trumps, begin with the king, because you have a fair chance that the knave falls in the second round,
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