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WHIST.                              99
ace, king, queen, and two small cards of another ; king and queen of the third suit, and three small trumps. Begin with the ace of your best suit, which informs your partner, that you have the command of it; then do not proceed with the king of the same suit, but play a trump next; and if your partner should have no strength in trumps, and your adversary should play to you weak suit, viz. the king and queen only, in that case, lead the king of the best suit; and if you observe a probability of either adversary being likely to trump that suit, play the king of the suit of which you have king, queen, and knave. If it should so happen, that your adversaries do not play to your weakest suit, though apparently your partner cannot help you in trumps, then trump out as often as the lead comes into your hand; by which means, supposing your partner to have but two trumps, and that your adversaries have four each, by three rounds, there remain only two against you.
Suppose you have ace, king, queen, and one small trump, with a sequence from the king of five in another suit, with four other cards of no value. Begin with the queen of trumps, and pursue the lead with the ace, which demonstrates that you have the king ; and as it would be bad play to follow trumps the third round, till you have first gained the command of your great suit, by stopping thus, it likewise informs your partner, that you have the king, and one trump only re­maining ; because if you had the ace, king, queen, and two trumps more, and trumps went round twice, you could receive no damage by playing the king the third round. When you lead sequence,
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