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WHIST.                             Ill
more in his own hand, by this method his game will be scored 9 to 7, which is about 3 to 2, and therefore A and B's share of the 70l. will amount only to 42l., and A only secures 7l- profit; but in the other case, upon the supposition that A and B have 11 to 3 of the stake depending, as before stated, A, by playing his trump, is entitled to 35l. out of the 70l. depending.
1. Suppose the ace is turned up on your right-hand, and that you have the ten and nine of trumps only, with ace, king, and queen of another suit, and eight cards of no value : begin with the ace of the suit of which you have the ace, king, and queen, which is an information to your part­ner that you have the command of it; then play the ten of trumps, because it is 5 to 2 that your partner has king, queen, or knave ; and though it is about 7 to 2 that your partner has not two honours, yet, should he chance to have them, and they prove to be the king and knave, in that case, he will pass your ten, and as it is 13 to 12 against the last player holding the queen of trumps, upon supposition your partner has it not, when your partner has the lead, he will play to your strong suit, and you upon having the lead should play the nine of trumps, which puts it in your partner's power to be almost certain of winning the queen should he lie behind it.
The foregoing case shows how an ace turned up against you may be made less beneficial to your adversaries.
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