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to have the ace of that suit, he then makes it. If you have the ace and four small cards of any suit, and are weak in trumps, and lead from that suit, play the ace ; if very strong in trumps, you may play your game as backward as you please; but if weak in trumps, you must play the reverse.
6.  Being strong in trumps means, if you have ace, king ; or king, queen ; or queen, knave ; or queen, ten ; or knave, ten, and three small trumps ; or queen, or knave, and four small trumps.
In any of these cases, you may be understood to be very strong in trumps, and may therefore play by the foregoing rules, being morally as­sured of having the command.
If you have two or three small trumps only, you are weak in them.
7.  Having ace, king, queen, or knave, and three small trumps, entitles you to force your partner at any point of the game.
8.  If, by accident, either you or the adversaries have forced your partner (though you are weak in trumps), should he have had the lead, and not trumped out, force him as often as the lead comes into your hand, unless you have good suits of your own to play.
9.  If you have only two or three small trumps, and your right-hand adversary should lead a suit of which you have none, trump it, which is an in­formation to your partner that you are weak in trumps.
10.  Suppose you have an ace, knave, and one small trump, and your partner trumps to you from the king and three small ones, and suppose your right-hand adversary has three trumps, and your left-hand adversary the like number, in this case, by finessing your knave, and playing your ace, if the queen be on your right hand, you win
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