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D, and that eight trumps are played out, and that A has four of those remaining, C having the best trump, and to lead, C ought not to play his trump to take out one of A's, because he would leave three trumps in A's hand; but in case A's partner has any great suit to make, C, keeping the trump in his own hand, can prevent him from making that suit by trumping it.
4. A case of curiosity.—Suppose three hands of cards, containing three cards in each hand ; let A name the trumps, and let B choose which hand he pleases, A, having his choice of either of the other two hands, wins two tricks.
Clubs are to be trumps.
First hand, ace, king, and six of hearts.
Second hand, queen, and ten of hearts, and ten of trumps.
Third hand, nine of hearts, and two and three of trumps.
The first hand wins of the second. The second of the third. And the third of the first.
1.  If a card be turned up in dealing, the adverse party may call a new deal; but if either of them have been the cause of turning up such card, in that case the dealer has his option.
2.  If a card be faced in the deal, there must be a new deal, unless it is the last card.
3. Every person ought to see that he has thirteen cards dealt to him; therefore, if any one should
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