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16.  If a player call at any point of the game, except 8, either of the adverse parties may de­mand a new deal; and they are at liberty to consult each other whether they will have a new deal.
17.  After the trump is turned up, no person must remind his partner to call, on penalty of losing a point.
18.  If the trump card be turned up, no honours in the preceding deal can be reckoned, unless they were before claimed.
19.  Should any person call at the point of 8, and his partner answer, and both the opposite parties have thrown down their cards, and it appears that the other side had not two by honours ; in this case the adversaries may consult with one another, and are at liberty to stand the deal or not.
20.  And if any person answer when he has not an honour, the adverse party may consult each other, and are at liberty to stand the deal or not.
21.  If any person call at 8, after he has played, the adversaries may call a new deal.
22.  If any person separate a card from the rest, the adverse party may call it, provided they name it; but in case of calling a wrong card, they are liable for once to have the highest or lowest card called in any suit led during the deal.
23.  If any person throw his cards upon the table, with their faces upwards, upon supposition
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