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2.  How to play sequences when trumps ?
Ans. You are to begin with the highest of them.
3.  How to play sequences when they are not trumps ?
Ans. If you have five, begin with the lowest; if three or four in number, always play the highest.
4.  Why do you prefer playing sequences rather than other suits ?
Ans. Because thev are the safest leads, and gain the tenace in other suits.
5.  When ought you to make tricks early ? Ans. When you are weak in trumps.
6.  When ought you not to make tricks early ? Ans. When you are strong in trumps.
7.  When do you play from an ace-suit ?
Ans. You do so when you have three in number only in any suit (trumps excepted.)
8.  When do you not play from an ace-suit ? Ans. You ought not to lead from an ace-suit,
having four or more in number in any other suit, because the ace is an assistant to your great suit, and, when trumps are out, enables you to make that suit.
9.  When any card of consequence is turned up on your right or left hand, how are you to play ? See case 1, page 107, and case 1, page 111.
10.  Why are you always to play your hand by your own and adversaries' scores ?
Ans. Case 6, page 94. See references in this case.
11.  How are you to know wrhen your partner has no more of the suit played ? Cases 1, 2, 3, page 109.
12.  Reasons for putting on or not at second-
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