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138                            WHIST.
queen and ten; and the knave and nine of the same suit are in your adversary's hands, when your partner leads that suit, your right-hand ad­versary plays the nine, and has one card only re­maining ; you ought then to play the queen, because it is 2 to 1 that your left-hand adversary has the knave ; and in all cases of the same nature follow this rule.
N.B. That the dealer at whist holds four trumps or more is 232 to 165, or about a guinea to 4s. 11.25d.
Finessing, means endeavouring to gain an ad­vantage thus : When a card is led, and you have the best and third best of that suit, you put your third best card upon that lead, and run the risk of your left-hand adversary having the second best; if he have it not, which is 2 to 1 against him, you are then sure of gaining a trick.
Forcing, means obliging your partner or ad­versary to trump a suit, of which he has none. The cases mentioned in this treatise will show when it is proper to force either of them.
Long Trump, means having one or more trumps in your hand, when all the rest are out.
Loose Card, is a card of no value, and, conse­quently, the properest to throw away.
Points, ten of them make a game; as many as are gained by tricks or honours, so many points are set up to the score.
Quart, is a sequence of any four cards imme­diately following one another in the same suit.— Quart-major is a sequence of ace, king, queen, and knave.
Quint, is a sequence of any five cards imme-
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