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diately following one another in the same suit. Quint-major is a sequence of ace, king, queen, knave, and ten.
Renounce, without a card of any particular suit.
Reverse, means only playing in a different manner: that is, if you are strong in trumps, you play one way; if weak in trumps, you play the reverse, viz. another.
Ruff and Over-ruff, to trump a suit led, second or third hand.
See-saw, is when each partner trumps a suit, and plays those suits to one another for that purpose.
Score, is the number of points set up, ten of which make a game.
Slam, is when either party wins every trick.
Tenace, is having the first and third best cards, and being last player, and consequently catching the adversary when that suit is played: as, for instance, in case you have ace and queen of any suit, and your adversary leads, you must win those two tricks ; and so of any other tenace in inferior cards.
Terce or Tierce, is a sequence of any three cards immediately following one another in the same suit. Terce-major is a sequence of ace, king, and queen.
1.  Place, of every suit in your hand, the worst to the left, and the best (in order) to the right; and the trumps (in order) always to the left of all the other suits.
2.  If in play you have the best card remaining
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