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140                            WHIST.
in any suit, put the same to the left of your trumps.
3.  And if you possess the second best card of any suit, place it on the right of your trumps.
4.  And if you have the third best card of any suit, place a small card of that suit between the trumps and that third best, to the right of the trumps.
5.  To remember your partner's first lead, place a small card of that suit in the midst of your trumps, and if you have but one trump, on the left of it.
6.  When you deal, put the trump turned up to the right of all your trumps, and keep it as long as you can, that your partner may, knowing you have that trump left, play accordingly.
7.  To find where your Adversaries Revoke.Suppose two suits on the right-hand to repre­sent your adversaries in the order they sit, as to your right and left-hand. When you suspect either of them to have made a revoke, clap a small card of that suit amongst the cards representing that adversary, by which you record not only that there may have been a revoke, but also who made it, and in what suit.
If the suit, representing the adversary that made the revoke, happen to be revoked in, change that for another, and put a small card of the suit re­voked in the middle of that exchanged suit, and if you have not a card remaining of that suit reverse a card of any other (except diamonds) and place it there.
8.  As you have a way to remember your part­ner's first lead, you may also record in what suit cither of your adversaries made their first lead, by putting the suit so led in the place which in your hand represents that adversary ; and if other
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