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142                            WHIST.
First Calculation.
It is 2 to 1 that your partner has not one certain card.
To apply this, suppose the right-hand adver­sary leads a suit, of which you have the king and one small card only; observe that it is 2 to 1, by putting on your king, that the left-hand adversary cannot win it.
If you have the king and three small cards of any suit, likewise the queen and three small cards of another ; lead from the king, because it is 2 to 1 that the ace does not lie behind you { but 5 to 4 that the ace or king of any suit lies behind, and consequently, by leading from the queen, you play to disadvantage.
Second Calculation.
It is 5 to 4, at least, that your partner has one out of any two certain cards; the like odds are in favour of your adversaries; therefore, suppose you have two honours of any suit, and knowing it is 5 to 4 that your partner holds one of the other two, you play your game to a greater cer­tainty.
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