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150                               WHIST.
turn the best remaining in your hand (unless you hold four originallyj: except the lead is through an honour.
3.  When your partner has trumped out. For then it is evident he wants to make his great suit.
4.  When you have no good card in any other suit. For you then entirely depend upon your partner.
1.  If you win with the king, queen, or knave, and have only small cards left. For the return of a small card will more distress than strengthen your partner.
2.  If you hold a good sequence. For then you may show a strong suit, and not injure his hand.
3.  If you have a strong suit. Because leading from a strong suit directs your partner, and cannot injure him.
4.  If you have a good hand. For in this case you ought to consult your own hand.
5.  If you hold five trumps. For then you are ivarranted to play trumps, if you think it right.
1.  Lead trumps from a strong hand, but nev^r from a weak one. By which means you will secure your good cards from being trumped.
2.  Trump not out with a bad hand, although you hold five small trumps. For since your cards are bad, it is only trumping for the adversaries' good ones.
3.  Having ace, king, knave, and three small trumps, play ace and king. For the probability of the queen's falling is in your favour.
4.  Having ace, king, knave, and one or two
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