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WHIST.                             155
1.  Be cautious of trumping out, notwithstand­ing you have a good hand. For since you want the odd trick only, it would be absurd to play a great game.
2.  Never trump out, should your partner appear likely to trump a suit. For it is evidently best to let your partner make his trumps.
3.  Should you be moderately strong in trumps, force your partner. For by this you probably gain a trick.
4.  Make your tricks early, and be cautious of finessing. That you may not be greatly injured, though you fail of making the odd trick.
5.  If you hold a single card of any suit, and only two or three small trumps, lead the single card. For it will give you a chance of making a small trump.
1.  Be very cautious how you change suits, and let no artifice of the adversary induce you to it.
2.  Keep, if possible, a commanding card to bring in your strong suit when the trumps are out.
3.  Never keep back your partner's suit in trumps, but return them the first opportunity.
4.  If you hold a strong suit, and but few trumps, rather force your adversaries than lead trumps, unless you are strong in the other suits likewise.
5.  Make the odd trick when in your power.
6.  Always consider the scores, and play accord­ingly.
7- In a backward game, you may often risk one
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