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156                            WHIST.
trick in order to win two ; but in a forwrard game you are to be more cautious, unless you have a good probability of getting up.
8.  In returning your partner's lead, play the best you have, when you hold but three originally.
9.  Remember what cards drop from each hand, how many of each suit are out, and what is the best remaining card in each.
10.  Lead not originally from a suit of which you have ace and queen, ace and knave, or king and knave, if you hold another moderate suit.
11.  If neither of your adversaries will lead from the above suits, do it yourself with a small card.
12.  You are strong in trumps with five small ones, or three small ones and one honour.
13.  Do not trump a card when you are strong in trumps, and more especially if you hold a strong suit.
14.  If you hold only a few small trumps, make them when you can.
15.  If your partner refuse to trump a suit of which he knows you have not the best, lead him your best trump the first opportunity.
16.  Should your partner have trumped a suit, and refused to play trumps lead him that suit again.
17- Never force your partner but when you are strong in trumps, unless you have a renounce your­self, Or want only the odd trick.
18.  Should the adversaries trump out, and your partner have a renounce, give him that suit when you get the lead, if you think he has a small trump left.
19.  Lead not from an ace suit originally, if you hold four in number of another suit.
20.  When trumps are either returned by your partner, or led by the adversaries, finesse them ;
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