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WHIST.                             159
Three-handed whist, a game requiring but little skill, is played by discarding all the deuces, three, and fours, with one five ; each person acting alone : in this way every trick above four, and each honour, is reckoned ; in other respects, these modes do not vary from the usual methods and rules.
A modern writer upon the science of Whist having published some doctrines contradictory to those formerly laid down by Messrs. Hoyle and Payne, though the greater part of his other di­rections are copied from them almost wrord for word, the Editor of Hoyle's Games Improved, states the substance of such of the said writer's rules and maxims as appear to be either new, serviceable, more explicit, or in opposition to those heretofore mentioned in this volume, to which references are given in the body of these additions ; hoping the readers thereof will con­stantly bear in mind, that material changes in the cards, or state of the game, often demand a de­viation from general maxims, and also that various situations, partners, or antagonists, frequently re­quire different methods of play, to all of which an adept can readily accommodate himself; and again, that even acknowledged proficients occasionally disagree upon certain doubtful points, of which an example occurs at page 154, maxim 3; and for others, compare Hoyle at page 93, rule 2, with Payne's second maxim upon leading trumps at page 150 ; also Hoyle's fourth game in page 106, with the maxims 17, 18, page 152, together with several more in other places, which an attentive perusal will enable the student to discover. The
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