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Editor states, but does not pretend, otherwise than as above, to explain the reasons of such va­riations, for
" Who shall decide when doctors disagree ?"
Do not perplex yourself with many calculations at first, but after obtaining a little theoretical knowledge, prefer contending with good players rather than novices. Particularly shun those who direct or find fault during the game, and accustom yourself never to lead a card without having some view, even if an erroneous one, for so doing ; do not always judge from the result, as indifferent play sometimes succeeds where good play would fail; finally, when an adept plays in a way you do not understand, get him, if possible, to favour you with his reasons, and try them yourself upon the cards.
After sorting the cards, look at the trump, con­sider the state of the game with the strength of your hand, and fix your plan accordingly ; then attend strictly to the table, except when it is your turn to play, considering carefully the different modes pursued by each person, a competent knowledge of which may direct you in playing your own game : when possessed of three or four small trumps only, rather lead from a single card than a long weak suit; [see page 92, rule 19] ; and from a weak suit rather than one in which you possess the tenace ; but be cautious of deceiving your friend, especially in his own or your leads, and demonstrate your hand to him as clearly and as early as you can: observe attentively what cards are played [seepage 156, rule 9], and what is discarded by any good player, and whether the
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