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170                            WHIST.
mentioned, by leading the small card, gains the tenace and two tricks ; but by playing ace first, he would get only one ; while the antagonist, let him lead what he will, could only obtain a trick. Sup­pose also, 1st, after nine rounds, and as many trumps out, the person whose turn it is to play holds the second and fourth trump, with ace and a small card of any suit not led, and his left-hand opponent possesses the first and third trump, with king and another of the suit of which the person to play holds the ace ; should he lead the ace, the opponent ought to throw away the king, trusting that his partner may win the next trick, and then leading through the first player, prevent him from making either of his trumps.—2d. After ten rounds, should any one retain king, queen, and ten of a suit not led out, his left-hand adversary ace, knave and a small card, and the first-mentioned lead his king ; if the other pass it, he will gain tenace and two tricks, but only one if he take the king.—3d. A third player possessing ace, knave, and ten of his partner's lead, by finessing knave or ten, may obtain two tricks, especially when a forced lead ; but unless his partner held an honour in that suit, no more than one trick could be gained by play­ing the ace. [See page 120, case 19.] Tenace is easily maintained against the right-hand, but with great difficulty against the left-hand antagonist.
A critical Point.—Suppose the parties, each at nine and ten tricks played out: A to have gained six of them, and to possess knave and a small trump, with two diamonds and the lead ; B the antagonist on the left, the queen and ten of trumps, with two clubs : C the friend, two low trumps and two diamonds ; and D the right-hand enemy, ace and a small trump, a club and a heart; A leads the best diamond, which, passed by B and C, must
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