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Tierce. A sequence of three cards.
Tierce-Major. A sequence in which the king is included.
Underplaying. Is following suit with a card of inferior value, when you have a commanding one in hand.
Vole. Is when a party wins every trick.
Ecarte ought to be played with two packs dis­tinguished by backs of different colours.
At the commencement, the dealer may select the colour he pleases, but having done so, he must play with them during the game.
The deal is determined by cutting the highest card. The cards must be shuffled by the dealer, and cut by his adversary ; but the latter has the privilege to shuffle them before cutting, and the dealer, on his side, to shuffle them again before they are cut.
The game consists of five points.
The player who makes the point scores one, and for the vole two.
The king always counts for one, whether it be turned up or dealt; but if held in the hand, it must be announced before the player plays, or he loses the right to mark it; and if either party an­nounces the king when he has it not, the adversary marks one for the mistake.
Five cards are dealt either by three and two, or vice versa, to each player ; but whichever mode be adopted at the commencement, it must be ob­served throughout the game. If departed from, the
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