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178                           ECARTE.
If either party propose or refuse to discard, he cannot retract, neither can any alteration be made in the number of cards proposed.
Previous to receiving fresh cards from the talon, each party must put aside the discarded ones, which cannot be again taken in hand, even if they be trumps; and any player looking at his dis­carded cards, may be compelled to play with his hand upon the table.
If the dealer, after discarding, face a card, his adversary may again discard or demand the card so seen.
Should the dealer give more or less cards than are demanded, he loses the point, and the right to count the king if in hand, but not if it were the trump card originally turned up.
Should the dealer take more cards than he has discarded, he loses the point, and the right to count the king in hand ; but if he takes less, he may make it up from the talon, and if the error be not discovered until he has played, his adver­sary is entitled to count the tricks which he can­not play to.
If the elder hand demand more cards than he has discarded, he loses the point and likewise the right to count the king; but should he ask for a less number he does not lose the right to mark the king.
Should the cards be faced after discarding, fresh cards may be called for, but not a new deal.
If after discarding, a second proposal for dis­carding is made by the elder hand, the refusal of the dealer to comply does not subject him to for­feit two, should he lose the point.
If the elder hand, with the permission of the dealer, discard several times, he may take from the talon as required; and if by that means the stock
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