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ECARTE.                            179
be exhausted, so that there remain none for the dealer to exchange, he must keep the cards he has dealt; and if he should have discarded before dis­covering his mistake, he must draw the number of cards wanting to complete his hand from those thrown out by his adversary.
Either party, after discarding, playing with more than five cards, loses the point and the right of counting the king.
When you have three tricks in hand always discard, unless, indeed, your adversary is four; then, to discard is imprudent, as you afford him a chance of taking in the king. Again, it is some­times imprudent to discard when you wish to throw out less than a majority of your cards, as the chances of taking in two good cards are against you, and you further cannot tell how many your adversary may discard. Thus, the elder hand having the option of the discard and the lead, ought to consider well his hand before he pro­poses.
There are certain hands which are styled jeux de regie; in other words, games which cannot be lost, but by the chance of your adversary hold­ing two trumps. With such a combination of cards, it is against all rule to discard.
1.  If you hold one trump, a king, with a queen, and two cards of her suit, commence with the queen and her suit, and if the queen should be trumped, you have two cards for the rentree, to regain the suit and continue the game.
2.  If you hold one trump, with a king and three cards of his suit, begin with the trump if a good card.
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