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180                           ECARTE.
3.  If you hold one small trump, a tierce-major, and one small card of any other suit, commence with your strongest suit by playing the king ; and if trumped, regain with your own trump the lead, and play again from your strong suit.
4.  If you hold two trumps, an ace, and knave of one suit, and a knave of another, commence with the guarded knave; and if you make the trick, and that your trumps be good ones, follow up with them.
5.  If you have two trumps and three cards of another suit, lead off with the best card of the other suit, holding the trumps in reserve.
6.  If you have two trumps, an unguarded king, and two other cards, play a small card and regain the lead by a trump, return the lead with the other trump, and if it passes, play your king.
7.  If you have two trumps, a queen, and ano­ther card of her suit, and a small card of a third suit; supposing one of the trumps a good one, play your queen ; and if trumped, you may regain the lead with your small trump, play the other, and then continue the queen's suit. If both the trumps be small, commence with the single card, and if your opponent takes it and should return the suit, your small trumps will tell.
8.  When you hold a king unguarded, and ano­ther king with a card of the same suit, a queen and another card of her suit, none of which are trumps, flay the guarded king, and follow it up with the same, and should your adversary trump it, you may regain the lead with your other king or the queen.
9- With a sequence of three trumps, lead off the highest.
10. If you lead a trump, and find that your ad­versary cannot follow a suit, reserve your re-
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