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maining trumps to regain the lead, and play any unguarded court card you may have.
11.  If after making two tricks you hold the queen and two small trumps, play a small card rather than the queen, as your adversary may take her with the king.
12.  If you have a bad hand, and only one trump, always lead a single card, the best you have, and reserve your trump for the chance of making a trick.
13.  There is, however, one point when it is bad policy to declare the king should you hold it. Supposing that you mark three, and that your ad­versary does not allow you to discard, or that being himself the eldest hand, he should play without proposing; in either case, if he does not make the point, he loses two, which gives you the game, a result you will have a greater chance of obtaining by masking your hand ; in other words, by not announcing that you hold the king.
From the above it will be deduced that more depends upon skilful combination, and a quick calculation of the chances at the several stages of the game, than upon good cards. But more fully to illustrate our position, we subjoin two games, which we recommend to the attention of the learner as good practice.
Game 1.
Dealer.                           Eldest-hand.
Ace, king, and nine of Queen of trumps.
spades.                           Queen of clubs.
Knave and nine of clubs. Ace of hearts.
Eight and seven of spades.
The elder hand commences with the eight of
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