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trumps it, returns his ten of clubs, which is trumped with the knave, and thus the elder-hand wins the point.
The foregoing illustrations will familiarize the learner with the fundamental principles and the finesse of the game, and a thorough knowledge of its chances will guide him as to the policy of discard­ing; above all, he must always well consider the state of the score, and remember that the policy of the dealer is not that of his adversary, neither is it the same at all points of the game. Again, let him take care that his countenance be not the index of his hand; a novice, by his hurried manner of'pro­posing, often betrays the weakness of his hand to his adversary, and thus defeats his own object. Cool­ness and impassibility of countenance are two in­dispensable qualities at Ecarte.
Bystanders may bet on either of the players, and may give advice as to the way the hand should be played, &c. The player, however, is not obliged to follow the advice of those who may bet upon him. Again, should a better overlook the cards of the adverse player, the latter is en­titled to his stake. A person betting may inter­fere if he observes that the adverse player has marked more than he was entitled to do, or in fact, revokes or violate in any other respect the rules of the game.
Should a player throw down his cards and re­tire from the table without consent, any person in­terested may take up his hand and finish the game.
The players have the right of covering all bets in preference to other persons.
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