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184                           EC ARTE.
On the termination of the game, the winner divides the stakes; of course taking due care, in the first place, of number one.
Should, on the division of the spoil, any defi­ciency be discovered—a contingency of no unfre-quent occurrence where many are playing—the dealer is not responsible, but the betters are to submit to a reduction proportionate to ther seve­ral stakes.
Against the dealer turning a king it is 7 to 1.
That the elder-hand or dealer does not take in, supposing they discard three cards, two trumps, are 4 to 1 against him.
One or more, 3 to 1 for him.
With one trump in hand, on discarding three, the chance of taking in two more trumps is 6.5 to 1 against him.
One or more is about 6 to 5 for him.
That either hand does not hold the king the first time, are 5.2- to 1.
N.B. When the dealer and the elder hand dis­card the same number of cards, their chance is the same, and varies only in ratio to the relative num­ber of cards discarded by each.
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