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Piquet is played by two persons, with thirty-two cards : the ace, king, queen, knave, ten, nine, eight, and seven of each suit. The ace is the su­perior card, and equal to eleven points; the king ranks above the queen, and the queen above the knave, &c. The three court cards are each equal to ten points, the rest counting for as many points as they have pips.
The game consists of 101 points. The players begin with shuffling the cards ; they then cut; he who cuts the lowest deals, but the great ad­vantage is in being elder hand. The dealer then shuffles the cards again, and presents them to his adversary, who may also shuffle, but the dealer must have the last shuffle. If the adver­sary should scatter the cards, or cut but one off, or leave but one at the bottom, the dealer may mix and shuffle them again. The dealer is to give twelve a piece, by two at a time, and the eight cards which remain must be placed upon the table, and are called the talon or stock.
In this game there are three superior chances, viz. the repique, the pique, and the capot, all of which may be made in one deal, as thus : suppose one of the players to have four tierce-majors, his point to be good, and he is eldest hand : he begins by counting three for his point, then twelve for his four tierce-majors, next fourteen for the fovr
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