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190                              PIQUET.
Huitieme, eight successive cards of the same suit, counts eighteen points.
Pique, is when the elder hand has reckoned thirty in hand, and plays before the adversary has gained one; in which case, instead of thirty it is called sixty, and he adds thereto as many points as are obtained above thirty.
Point, the greatest number on the cards of the same suit in hand, after having taken in, reckoned by their pips, scores for as many points as cards.
Quart, four cards in sequence of the same suit, counts four points : there are five kinds of quarts, the first called quart-major, consisting of ace, king, queen, and knave; the second quart, of king, queen, knave, and ten; the third quart, of queen, knave, ten, and nine ; the fourth quart, of knave, ten, nine, and eight; the fifth, a basse-quart or quart-minor, of ten, nine, eight, and seven.
Qatorze—the four aces, kings, queens, knaves or tens—scores fourteen points.
Quint means five cards of the same suit in se­quence, and reckons fifteen points : there are four sorts of quints ; a quint-major of ace, king, queen, knave, and ten, down to knave, ten, nine, eight, and seven, styled a quint-minor.
Repique signifies when one of the players counts thirty or more in hand, before the adversary ob­tains one, when it is called ninety, reckoning be­sides as many points above ninety as were gained above thirty in pique.
Sixieme, or six cards of the same suit in se­quence, reckons for sixteen points ; there are three sorts of sixiemes, viz. sixieme-major from the ace, sixieme from the king, and sixieme-minor from the queen.
Septieme, or seven of the same suit in sequence,
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