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counts for seventeen points ; there are two sep-tiemes, one from the ace, the other from the king.
Threes of aces, &c, down to tens, reckon three points.
Talon or Stock means the eight remaining cards after twelve are dealt to each player.
Tierce, or sequence of three, reckons for three ; there are six kinds of tierces—tierce-major, of ace, king, queen; down to nine, eight, seven, styled tierce-minor.
1.  Play by the stages of your game ; that is, when behind your adversary, play a pushing game, otherwise you ought to make twenty-seven points elder-hand, and thirteen points younger-hand ; and always compare your game with your adver­sary's, and discard accordingly.
2.  Discard in expectation of winning the cards, which generally make twenty-two, or twenty-three points difference: therefore do not discard for low quatorze, such as four queens, four knaves, or four tens, because in anv of these cases the odds are 3 to 1, elder-hand, and 17 to 3, younger-hand, that you do not succeed ; for if you throw out an ace or a king, you run the risk of losing above twenty points, in expectation of winning fourteen.
3.  At the beginning of a party, play to make your game, which is twenty-seven points elder-hand, and thirteen points younger-hand : sup­pose you are elder-hand, and have a tierce-major, and the seven of any suit, it is 5 to 2 but that you take in one out of any four certain cards; therefore,
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