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206                            PIQUET.
1.  As it is 3 to 1 that, being elder-hand, you do not take in one certain card; you have, therefore, a better chance of advancing your game, by carry­ing two suits for points and the cards, than by aiming at quatorze of queens, knaves, or tens.
2.  To take in two certain cards elder-hand, is 18 to 1 against you, Therefore, suppose you have a quart-major, and two other aces dealt, the odds that you do not take in the ten to your quart-major, and the other ace, are 18 to 1 against you; but that you take in one of them is only 21 to 17 against you. And suppose you have three aces and three kings dealt, the odds are 18 to 1 against taking in the other ace and the other king : yet it is not much above 5 to 4 but that you take in one of them.
3.  The odds in taking in four certain cards, as four aces, &c, is 968 to 1. But to take in three cards, out of any four certain cards, elder-hand, is only 33 to 1 against you. Suppose you have two aces and two kings dealt you, the odds of
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