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210                            PIQUET.
4.  The highest number to be made of a repique and capot is 170 points. The cards which com­pose that number are the four tierce-majors, which are supposed to be good for every thing.
5.  Suppose you are elder-hand, and want 8 points of the game, and the younger-hand wants 23 ; and you have the ace, king, and queen of clubs dealt you ; the ace, king, and ten of diamonds; the ace, knave, and nine of hearts ; the knave, nine, and seven of spades ; to prevent any possibility of the younger-hand making 23 points—and he is not to reckon carte-blanche—you are to discard the king and queen of clubs, and knave, nine, and seven of spades, by which method of discarding you are certain to make 8 points before the younger-hand can make 23 points.
6.  Suppose you have the ace, queen, and knave, of clubs, with the king and ten of diamonds ; and your adversary has the ace, queen, and knave of diamonds, and the king and ten of clubs, he being to lead, is to make 5 points, or to lose the game. To prevent him from making 5 points, when he plays the king of clubs, you are to play the ace ; by which means he can only make 4 points.
7.  A and B play a party at piquet, and have won one game each. A has it in his power to win the second ; but then he will be younger-hand at the beginning of the next game. A has it also in his power to reckon only 99 points of the second game, and B will be 70 ; it is A's interest to win the second game, in the proportion of 14 to 13 in his favour.
1. The elder-hand is obliged to lay out at least one card.
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