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23.  In the first place, call your point; and if you have 2 points, if you design to reckon the highest, you are to call that first, and are to abide by your first call.
24.  You are to call your tierces, quarts, quints, &c, next; and the highest of them first, if you design to reckon them.
25.  You are to call a quatorze preferably to three aces, &c, if you design to reckon them.
26.  If you call a tierce, having a quart in your hand, you must abide by your first call.
27.  Whoever deals twice together, and discovers it previous to seeing his cards, may insist upon his adversary dealing, though the latter may have looked at his cards.
28.  Should the pack be found erroneous in any deal, that deal is void; but the preceding deals are valid.
29.  The player who at the commencement does not reckon or shew carte-blanche, his point, or any sequence, &c, is not to count them afterwards.
30.  No player can discard twice, and after he has touched the stock, he is not allowed to take any of his discard back again.
31.  When the elder-hand does not take all his cards, he must specify what number he takes or leaves.
32.  Whosoever calls his game wrong and does not correct himself before he plays, is not to reckon any thing that game; but the adversary is to reckon all he has good in his own game.
33.  Any card that has touched the board is deemed to be played unless in case of a revoke.
34.  Should any player name a suit and then play a different one, the antagonist mav'call a suit.
35.  The player who looks at any card belonging to the stock, is liable to have a suit called.
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