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1.  If you play three up, your principal object in the first place, is, either to secure your own or your adversary's cinque point; when that is effected, you may play a pushing game, and endeavour to gammon your opponent.
2.  The next best point (after you have gained your cinque-point) is to make your bar-point, thereby preventing your adversary running with two sixes.
3.  After you have proceeded thus far, prefer making the quatre-point in your own table, rather than the quatre-point out of it.
4.  Having gained these points, you have a fair chance to gammon your adversary, if he be very forward. For, suppose his table to be broken at home, it will be then your interest to open your bar-point, to oblige him to come out of your table with a six ; and having your men spread, you not only may catch that man which your adver­sary brings out of your table, but will also have
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