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218                    BACKGAMMON.
a probability of taking up the man left in your table ; upon supposition that he had two men there. And if he should have a blot at home, it will then be your interest not to make up your table ; because, if he should enter upon a blot, which you are to make for the purpose, you will have a probability of getting a third man; which, if accomplished, will give you at least 4 to 1 of the gammon; whereas, if you have only two of his men up, the odds are that you do not gammon him.
5.  If you play for a hit only, one or two men taken up of your adversary's makes it surer than a greater number, provided your table be made up.
6.  Directions how to carry your men home.When you carry your men home, in order to lose no point, you are to carry the most distant man to your adversary's bar-point, that being the first stage you are to place it on ; the next stage is 6 points farther, viz. in the place where your adversary's five men are first placed out of his table ; the next stage is upon the sixth point in your table. This method is to be pursued till all your men are brought home, except two, when, by losing a point, you may often put it in the power of two fives or two fours to save your gammon.
7.  If you play to win a hit only, endeavour to gain either your own or your adversary's cinque-point ; if that fail by your being hit, and he be forwarder than you, then you must throw more men into his table,—thus; put a man upon your cinque or bar-point, and if your adversary neglect to hit it, you may then gain a forward, instead of a back-game ; but if he hit you, you must play for a back-game, and then the greater the number of men which are thus taken up, the better is your
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