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222                    BACKGAMMON.
N. B. The three last chances are to be played in this manner, because, by laying an ace down in your adversary's table you have a probability of throwing deuce-ace, trois-deuce, quatre-trois, or six-cinque, in two or three throws: in any of which cases you are to make a point, which gives you the better of the hit; and observe by the directions given in this chapter, that you are to play nine chances out of the thirty-six in a dif­ferent manner, for a single hit, to what you would do when playing for a gammon.
1.  By the directions given to play for a gam­mon, you are voluntarily to make some blots ; the odds being in your favour that they are not hit; but should that so happen, in such case, you will have three men in your adversary's table; you must then endeavour to secure your adversary's cinque, quatre, or trois-point, to prevent a gam­mon, and must be very cautious how you suffer him to take up a fourth man.
2.  Take care not to crowd your game, that is, putting many men either upon your trois or deuce-point in your own table ; which is, in effect, losing those men by not having them in play. Besides, by crowding your game, you are often gammoned ; as, when your adversary finds your game open, by being crowded in your own table, he may then play as he thinks fit.
3.  By referring to the calculations, you may know the odds of entering a single man upon any certain number of points, and play your game ac­cordingly.
4.  If you arc obliged to leave a blot, by having
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