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BACKGAMMON.                    223
recourse to the calculations for hitting it, you will find the chances for and against you.
5.  You will also find the odds for and against being hit by double dice, and consequently can choose a method of play most to your advan­tage.
6.  If it be necessary to make a run, in order to win a hit, and you would know who is forwardest, begin with reckoning how many points you must have to bring home to the six-point in your table the man that is at the greatest distance, and do the like by every other man abroad; when the numbers are summed up, add for those already on your own tables (supposing the men that were abroad as on your 6 point for bearing), namely, six for every man on the six, and so on respec­tively for each; five, four, three, two, or one, for every man, according to the points on which they are situated. Do the like to your adversary's game, and then you will know which of you is for­wardest and likeliest to win the hit.
1. If your adversary be greatly before you, never play a man from your quatre, trois, or deuce-points, in order to bear that man from the point where you put it, because nothing but high doublets can give you any chance for the hit ; therefore, instead of playing an ace or a deuce from any of the aforesaid points, always play them from your highest point; by which means, throwing two fives, or two fours, will, upon hav­ing eased your six and cinque-points, be of great advantage : whereas, had your six-point remained
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