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230                    BACKGAMMON.
his fifteen men into his own table, and to bear them ?
Am. He may undertake to do it in 75 throws.
It is odds in A's favour that he throws an ace in twice; and also that he throws a six in two more throws; when these events happen, A has a pro­bability of not wanting above two or three throws before he has got all his fifteen men into his own tables; therefore, by a former rule laid down to bring your men home, and also for bearing them, you may be able to find out the probability of the number of throws required. See pages 218 and 223. Note—B stands still, and does not play.
5.  Where A and B shall play fast as usual, and yet the hit may last for many hours.
Suppose B to have borne thirteen men, and that A has taken up the two remaining men. And also that A has fifteen men in B's table, viz. three upon his six, three upon his cinque, three upon his quatre, three upon his trois, two upon his deuce, and one upon his ace-point. Let A bring his fif­teen men home, by always securing six close points, till B has entered his two men, and brought them upon any certain point; as soon as B has done that, A must open an ace, deuce, or trois, or all three ; which effected, B hits one of them, and A, taking care to have two or three men in B's table, is ready to hit that man ; and also, he being as­sured of taking up the other man, has it in his power to prolong the hit to almost any length, provided he takes care not to open such points as two fours, two fives, or two sixes, but always to open the ace, deuce, or trois-points for B to hit.
6.  Back Game.—Suppose A to have two men upon his own six-point, three men upon his usual point in his outer table, two men upon the point
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