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234                           BOSTON.
2.  You are not understood to have played any man, till it is placed upon a point, and quitted.
3.  If you play with fourteen men only, there is no penalty attending it, because with a lesser number you play to a disadvantage, by not having the ad­ditional man to make up your tables.
4.  If you bear any number of men before you have entered a man taken up, and which conse­quently, you were obliged to enter, such men, so born, must be entered again in your adversary's tables, as well as the man taken up.
5.  If you have mistaken your throw, and played it, and your adversary have thrown, it is not in your or his choice to alter it, unless both parties agree.
This game very much resembles Whist, and is somewhat like Quadrille. The players put eight fish each into a pool, and the dealer four extra. The cards are distributed as at Whist, except that the last is not to be turned up. During every deal, the player opposite the dealer should shuffle a pack to be cut by his right-hand neighbour, and turn up a card for the first preference; the suit of the same colour, whether red or black, is styled the second preference, and the other two are com­mon suits. The player who misses deal does not lose his turn ; but as a punishment is to put four more fish into the pool.
When the eldest-hand thinks he can get five or more tricks, he is to say boston; if otherwise, he says pass, unless he plays misere; that is, so as to lose every trick ; petit misere is to put out a card
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