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BOSTON.                           335
and lose every remaining trick ; grand misere is to lose them without putting one out; petit miserc ouvert is to put out a card, and lay the others down, and then lose all; grand misere ouvert is the same without laying one out. When the eldest hand has passed, the second may proceed as the eldest; or if the eldest have said boston, the se­cond, or after him the third, and the dealer may also say boston, if he will engage to win five tricks, with either preference for the trump; or the second, and other hands may say petit or grand misere, or undertake to get six or more tricks, the trump being any suit; for these decla­rations will supersede that of boston simply, as appears by the table at page 240; where all are arranged according to the order in which they take place of each other. The highest, called grand slam, is undertaking to get thirteen tricks. By engaging to do more, the elder-hand may, as at Quadrille, supersede the younger. If all pass, the cards must be thrown up, and dealt by the person to the left of the former dealer, the new dealer putting four fish into the pool; and the new eldest hand, unless he has previously passed, may also supersede the declaration of any other, or say pass ; and so on, till at length every person, ex­cept one has passed, and that person (if he have declared boston) is to name the trump, always in the choice of the player, and also (unless he has undertaken more than seven tricks) whether he shall choose a partner. In the last case, any person who engages to get the required number of tricks may answer whist; the right of answering begins with the next eldest hand to him who has declared. The partner must undertake to get five tricks if the player undertake to get seven ; four if the player undertake to get six ; and three if he
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