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A sweep before the end of the game, when any player can match all on the board, reckons 1 point.
In some deals at this game it may so happen, that neither party wins any thing, as the points are not set up according to the tricks, &c, ob­tained, but the smaller number is constantly sub­tracted from the larger both in cards and points, and if they both prove equal, the game commences again, and the deal goes on in rotation ; when three persons play at this game, the two lowest add their points together and subtract from the high­est ; but when their two numbers together either amount to or exceed the highest, then neither party scores.
The deal and partners are determined by cutting, as at whist. The dealer gives four cards by one at a time, to every player, and either regularly as he deals, or by one, two, three, or four at a time, lays four, face upwards, on the board, and after the first cards are played, four others are to be dealt to each person til! the pack is out; but it is only in the first deal that any cards are to be turned up.
The deal is not lost when a card is faced by the dealer, unless in the first round, before any of the four cards are turned up on the table ; but should a card be faced in the pack before any of the said four are turned up, then the deal must be begun again.
Any person playing with less than four cards, must abide by the loss, and should a card be found under the table, the player whose number is defi­cient is take the same.
Each person plays one card at a time, with which he mav not only take at once every card
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