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CRIBBAGE.                         249
The non-dealer at the commencement of the game in five-card cribbage scores 3 points, called taking three for last, but in six and eight-card cribbage this is not done.
Some parties permit flushes in play to be reckoned when three or more cards of a suit are laid down successively, that is, the person playing the third card reckons 3, and the player laying down a fourth of the same suit scores 4, and so on if five, six or more can be played.
Cribbage boards are so universally known, that it is unnecessary to describe them; and the 61 points or holes marked thereon make the game. The party cutting the lowest card deals, after which each player is first to lay out two of the five cards for the crib, which always belongs to the dealer; next the adversary cuts the remainder of the pack, and the dealer turns up and lays on the crib the upper­most card, for which, if a knave, he makes 2 points. The card turned up is to be reckoned by each party, both in showing their hands and in crib. After laying out and cutting as above mentioned, the eldest hand plays a card, which the other endea­vours to pair, or to find one, the points of which reckoned with the first will make 15 ; then the non-dealer plays another card, trying to make a pair, pair-royal, sequence, flush where allowed, or 15, provided the cards already played have not ex­ceeded that number, and so on alternately till the points of the cards played make 31, or the nearest possible number under that.
When the party whose turn it may be to play
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