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250                        CRIBBAGE.
cannot produce a card that will make 31, or come in under that number, he then says, Go, to his an­tagonist, who thereupon is entitled to score 1, and must play any card or cards he has that will come in; and if he can make exactly 31, then he is to take 2 points : the last player besides has often an opportunity of making pairs or sequences. Such cards as remain after this, are not to be played; but each party having, during the play, scored his points gained, in the manner as directed before, proceeds, the non-dealer first, then the dealer, to count and take for his hand and crib as follows, reckoning the cards every way they can possibly be varied, and always including the turned up-card.
For every 15............................ 2 points.
For a pair, or two of a sort.......... 2 points.
For a pair-royal, or three of a sort.. 6 points. For adouble pair-royal, or four ditto, 12 points. For a sequence of any suits, according to the
number. For flushes, according to the number. For a knave, or noddy, of the same suit as turned
up, one point; but when turned up it is not to
be reckoned again, nor is any thing to be taken
for it when played.
N.B. Three cards of the same suit in hand, or four in crib, usually entitle the player to reckon that number as a flush, and also one more when the turn-up card happens to be of the same suit; but among professed gamesters it is not customary to allow flushes in crib, unless all the cards, includ­ing that turned up, are of the same suit.
In laying out cards for the crib, it is requisite, that every player should consider not only his own hand, but also to whom the crib belongs, as well as the state of the game ; for what might be proper
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