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first non-dealer is considered to have a prefer­ence, when he gains 10 or more the first hand, and the dealer not making more than his average number.
Eight-card cribbage is played, but it is very seldom.
These games of three and four-hand cribbage, and those of six or eight-cards, are easier than that of five cards by two persons, and consequently are not near so much in vogue with professed gamesters.
Some ingenious people in London invented a game of chance they styled playing at cribbage by hackney coaches ; that is, two persons seating themselves at a window in some great thorough­fare street, one was to take all the coaches from the right, the other from the left; the figures on the doors of the carriages were reckoned as cards in show, and every man or boy that happened to sit, stand, or hold at the back of any of them, was called a Noddy, and 1 scored for each.
Domino is played by two or four persons with twenty-eight pieces of oblong ivory, plain at the back, but on the face divided by a black line in the middle, and indented with spots from one to a double-six: which pieces are, a double-blank; ace-blank ; double-ace ; deuce-blank ; deuce-ace ; double-deuce ; trois-blank ; trois-ace ; trois-deuce ; double-trois ; four-blank ; four-ace ; four-deuce ; four-trois ; double-four ; five-blank ; five-ace ; five-deuce ; five-trois ; five-four ; double-five ; six-blank ; six-ace ; six-deuce ; six-trois ; six-four ;
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